About the show

Valerie Lemon’s show is a touching overview of Froman’s life, a reminder of her importance to the popular music scene for a score of years, and a perfect showcase for Valerie’s honey-sweet voice.
- Peter Leavy Cabaret Scenes

"Why did you pick Jane Froman?

The question always makes me laugh because I say, “I did not pick Jane, she picked me!”

What I mean is that Jane’s “Spirit” and “Light” was very strong. That unique invisible thread touched me and I feel her torch was passed to me to keep these gifts alive.

What was remarkable about Jane Froman was her ability to inspire people and we so need this in our world today. Jane understood the human connection. One of her many qualities as a performer was the way she would go right into an audience to connect with people.

Even though she knew about the bright lights of Broadway and nightclubs, she knew nothing about the dark stage of WWII. Because Jane had been wounded herself, she understood the heartache of the wounded.

I’m particularly thrilled when people approach me after the show to say how much insight they gained from her story and they are then passionate about telling me theirs. To me, this is proof of her legacy.

The songs she performed then continue to enrich today.

“With a Song in My Heart” demonstrates the human connection, again that invisible thread that Jane gave tirelessly to others. In turn, it gave her strength and gave meaning to life that kept her going day after day.

“I’ll Walk Alone” reflects how she felt alone in the depth of her despair, which she turned over to a higher power and helped her manifest courage. “They’re Either Too Young Or Too Old” shows a side of Jane that is devilish, daring, and determined. ”Somebody Loves Me”, ”Who Cares“, "Embraceable You” and “Summertime” -- George Gershwin’s regal and elegant music was a perfect fit for the classy and graceful Jane.

Jane was ahead of her time as an activist by singing songs like “It Ain’t Necessarily So”. One of my favorites is “Cling to Me.” I feel it shows the most vulnerable part of Jane’s soul. “Goin Home” has brought many a person to me to talk about how they have been moved by its simplicity, it's meaning of losing a loved one and the peace they experience from the words and the music.

Lastly, “It’s a Good Day”, “Get Happy”, “It’s a Most Unusual Day” and one of her most awe-inspiring songs, “I Believe” take people to a place of wonder and revelation.

Join the journey

Let me end by saying it has been an amazing journey for me that I hope continues for several years to come and I hope you all will come along with me.

Thank you, Jane, for touching my life as you have touched so many others.

God bless, Valerie