About Cabaret

From the moment I did my first cabaret show at Mr. Sam’s in the early 80’s, Cabaret became my favorite medium in which to perform. I love the absence of the fourth wall: the connection to the audience and all the risks that involves for the artist. I have always felt that the human voice, when it is singing, is a direct path through the ears into the heart.

I love the fact that when you do a cabaret show, that you, the “Artist,” are in control. For me personally, I love having a director that can guide me and help me with the project, but ultimately you are the producer and are making most of the decisions — which I feel is very empowering.

Cabaret means different things to different people. Some feel it should be done strictly with a piano, some feel it should be done with three pieces, and some feel it is an entire band with back-up singers (and then some).

Whatever the form, it seems to me that Cabaret is flourishing more than ever. I hope clubs continue to emerge and that artists continue to create in this unique art form.

It is still a wonderful way to make music, and as my late friend Gary Stevens used to say, “live performing is sooo much better than a night at home watching television!”

Sincerely, Valerie